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1. Where is the best place to set up the inflatables? (We have a black & white disco dome)

The best and safest location to set up the unit would be in an open and a level grassy area, but we at The White Bouncy Castle can setup the unit on any level surface. Whether it’s grass, asphalt or concrete as long as the area is clear of any debris or obstacle, our skilled staff can set up the unit. For protection, we place a tarp underneath each unit setup on asphalt or concrete area.

2. How much space or area do I need?

Unit sizes are different from one another. Some units are huge and require extra space so make sure to review the unit size and your space. Inflatables should be setup away from trees, power lines, pools or any other things that could damage the unit.

3. Can I pick up and set up the unit myself?

Sorry but you can’t. Your safety is our priority. For the safety of all tour customers, only our skilled members of staff are allowed to set-up and pick-up every rental.

4. What kind of power do we need to keep the jumpers up and running?

We use both standard 3 pin plugs as well as outdoor connectors.

5. Do we have to keep the unit plugged in the whole time?

Yes. Once the power is turned off, the unit will deflate. Please keep the unit power on from the time of the delivery up to the pickup time so that the unit will not get damaged.

6. Is there a delivery, setup and removal charge?

Please contact us for our current up-to-date rental and delivery charges.

7. Do your company require a deposit?

We take a deposit of £50 to secure dates with the remaining balance due 28 days prior to the event. prices are based on 8hr bookings with a cut off time of 9pm for insurance purposes.

8. What if we need to cancel? Are there cancellation fees?

If you need to cancel your event, there are no cancellation fees. Just let us know about your cancellation the soonest.

9. What areas you serve and where do you deliver to?

We serve all the whole of the United Kingdom.

10. What about the bad weather—rain or strong wind?

If it’s raining or it’s too windy, we cannot setup the unit. There is no refund if weather condition changes after delivery and set up.

11. How do I reserve a unit?

We would be pleased to take your booking, please email us using the contact from on the website and we will be in touch regarding your booking.

12. Are your Bouncy Castles Safe?

Of course. Our goal is the safety of all the participants. We provide only clean and safe inflatables and jumpers for rent. We safety check all our units and equipment before delivery. We also make sure that the unit is installed and setup properly to meet our safety standards.

13. Does your company carry insurance?

Yes. We carry £5 million liability and property insurance. We can provide a copy of the insurance upon request.

14. What are my responsibilities as the renter?

Aside from cleaning the area prior to set up, as the renter, you must also adhere to the safety rules. We will give you or your volunteer adult a safety briefing so that you can understand the safety rules and be able to enforce them at all times. In addition, you are also responsible for keeping the jumpers clean and safe from damage.

15. Can you provide a supervisor?

Yes. We can provide a supervisor for an additional hour fee. This supervisor will help you regulate and monitor the flow of people entering and exiting the unit. The supervisor will also check the equipment and make sure that everything is well functioning.

16. Is there a cleaning charge?

No. There’s no cleaning charge. We continually clean all of our rentals on an ongoing basis. We will only charge you £XX if excessive cleaning is required due to failure to follow guidelines or negligence.

17. Who picks up the equipment when we are done?

The White Bouncy Castle staff member will be responsible on taking down and picking up the equipment.